Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Intermediate course 240511

I very rarely drive to the start of the course as I live only 5 minutes of lovely descending away from Roman Lakes Cafe, but today I had brought the car due to other commitments. Well, I wish I hadn't! During the trip down the end nut on the skewer holding the back wheel in place had fallen off and disappeared as it later turned out down the multiple folding seats at the back of the boot. Poor Anthony probably wondered what he had signed up for with me running behind him on the first climb up the hillside carrying my bike. We quickly passed my house for a bike swap and was back on track continuing with the skills. Things went very well with most things nailed on the first few attempts while others just needed a little tweeking.

It was clear that pumping the bike was something quite new to Anthony as his front wheel lift were mainly based on just pumping the front of the bike not involving the legs. With some practise we managed to unlock the pumping action of the whole of the bike which in turn let him start lifting his back wheel as part of the bunny hop. While doing nice smooth bunny hops might take a little practise he managed to put both front wheel lift and back wheel lifts in place over obstacles by learning to shift his body weight at the right time.

The pumping was put to further use by starting to jump off stuff and nothing beats the smile of someone just having had some air of a jump! A great day made even better by the lovely and sunny weather by the end!

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