Saturday, 7 May 2011

Beginner's course 070511

It was a pleasure meeting Lynne who had ridden regularly for a long time but never found the courage to use the trial and error approach to riding technical terrain. It was a steep but very successful learning curve for Lynne who had previously not stood out of her saddle while descending. Showing her the right techniques and tweeking things like pedal position and weight distribution her confidence grew very quickly. It was a set pattern that evolved with me demostrating, her looking slightly terrified but having a go and then looking somewhat surprised at her achievement. By the second and third go the surprised look was replaced with a huge smile as she became more and more confident. She now knows the feeling of being balanced on the bike and what to think about while riding rocky and technical terrain and I'm sure she won't be doing much walking down hills (or up them, as her climbing also improved immensely, making especially good use of the technique I showed her for setting off on steep slopes!). Great day and good fun!

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