Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Beginners course 270410

I could get used to this weather! Lovely day yet again and a quiet mid-week session for Mark who already had some mountain biking experience but wished to improve on his core skills to be able to ride more techincal terrain. And very well he rode too, climbing like a mountain goat up the slabby climb using a mix of skills and sheer determination! Very impressive performance both uphill and downhill!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Beginners course 25/04/10

After a few weeks of holiday over Easter it was great getting back to coaching, especially with such a nice and pleasant group as this Saturday's. Beckie, Andy and Lindsay all were like sponges soaking up every piece of advice and putting it into practise. No course is ever the same as new experiences makes me tweak little things here and there and this time I put in the exercise called "tummy on the saddle, thighs on handlebars" (not both at the same time though!) to get them moving around on the bike early on in the day. The exercises paid off as they all managed to do even the most daunting drop-off the beginners course ever take in. We almost had to forcibly drag Lindsay away from it as she enjoyed practising on it so much! Beckie pulled out all the bravery she could master and did herself proud by believing in herself and her skills to go down quite terrifying slopes. Andy, who rode off-road for the first time only a month and a half ago, quickly developed his core skills to become a very proficient rider!

I just wanted to thank you so much for a great day yesterday. I feel like my confidence with handling my bike has improved massively & I can't wait to get out & about around the hills & obstables(!) of Hertfordshire to put it into practice.

The location is absolutely stunning & I wish you all the success in the world for future courses & your lovely B&B! I hope to visit again sometime & stay a bit longer & maybe try my hand at the intermediate course.....?!?

Best regards