Monday, 16 May 2011

Beginners course 150511

Apart from the rubbish weather everything about Sunday's beginners course went really well. Jenny and Keith were both fairly new to mountain biking although had enough experience of off-road riding to quickly learn to ride very technical terrain. The day was pretty much a long session of doing things in threes. First go at stuff they both managed ok but felt nervous and a little tense. On the second go the remaining little changes needed to perfect the technique were implemented and they felt able to relax more and the third go they rode the terrain comfortably and judging by their smiles with great enjoyment!

Despite things being a bit wet and slippery they both felt confident enough to do the last big drop over some wet roots. Obviously this being the hardest obstacle on the course, it took a couple of goes to get right, but should prove to the two off them how much their ability and confindence have improved just by knowing how to move their bodies on the bike and look in the right places. 

Great day, great atmosphere and great participants --- just shame about the weather!


Anonymous said...

What a great day this was, despite the rain! You gave very clear instruction Emmy and I'm feeling lots more confident and motivated. I'll be back for the Intermediate course after some more practice. Many thanks, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Thank you for an excellent day. A great introductory course with personalised tuition, varied terrain and well judged challenges. Keith.