Thursday, 19 May 2011

Intermediate course 180511

Busy days! Another intermediate course today with Nigel and Steve, who both had previously done the beginners course. As expected the core skills were in place and it was easy to start adding new stuff as well as letting them have a go at technically harder challenges.

It was obvious after the first few descents that both Steve and Nigel were able to relax much more than on the previous occasion and because of this things felt easy. When revisiting some of the old drops and difficult sections they couldn't believe how easy they were.

The challenges on the intermediate course are more complex than on the beginners, so instead of being just a drop it will be a drop with a tight bend after it, or a very tricky run up to a steep section, all to encourage the participants to be able to control the bike and anticipate what is coming. Among all the other things such as jumping off drops etc, I added a rooty challenge to the course, especially challenging as they were all quite slippery in the rainy weather. Both Steve and Nigel rode the roots very well having previously in the day learnt to control the weight of the front and back wheels during bunny hopping practise.  Wonderful day with wonderful people, what more could I ask for....(apart from that it would stop raining for once...)

Hi Emmy,

just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for today, I really enjoyed it and feel that my confidence has shot up again, although if you had told me at the start I would be going down that huge drop I would never have thought it possible. Spoke to Nigel tonight and the shop have replaced his back wheel foc, mine's off to my local shop tomorrow to see if it can be sorted out. Just been watching some Danny Macaskill stuff absolutely ****ing amazing. When are you going to teach us to do that??????
Probably bump into you sometime (not literally I hope) around Roman Lakes sometime, thanks once again.
Best Regards

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