Thursday, 19 May 2011

Private day 190511

Alan and Andrew, two brothers, had been given a skills training day as a Christmas present and booked for today to get a tailor-made day to suit their skills levels. Alan immediately claimed to be rubbish at climbing and Andrew, who loved climbing said he didn't enjoy the descents. Working our way through the core skills I was very impressed by both of their climbing abilities as they used a mix of skills and sheer determination to make it up even the hardest and rockiest climbs! The descending and drop offs went really well too and together with lots of good questions throughout the day and some very much longed for sunshine it was a very enjoyable day!

Hi Emmy,

Thanks for your email with the pictures, and once again for your time on Thursday - both Andrew and I had a great time.
You'll be happy to know that I've already put your instruction to good use, knocking 15 mins off a climb that usually takes 1 hour and transitioning through berms with much more control.
I look forward to further instruction in the future.
Kind regards

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