Sunday, 12 June 2011

Intermediate course 120611

Thanks to both Mark and Neil having done the beginner's course we were able to quickly progress to true intermediate skills and not dwell long on the core skills which were already in place. This was fortunate as the weather was as bad as I've experienced in a very long time with constant soaking rain from eleven o'clock onwards (and it is still raining now 9 hours later!). Thankfully spirits weren't damped too much and both Neil and Mark did very well on all the different techniques. Mark struggled with his confidence as he has been blessed with a very sensible brain but managed to show that he could beat his demons right at the end by riding the last tricky slope and riding it very well indeed! Neil (still being sensible!) found things easier to ride straight away although found that his adjustable seatpost might have caused him to become slightly lazy in moving his weight behind the saddle. Thankfully he wasn't averse to having repeated attempts to finepolish his riding position and also did very well with the bunny hops. They both enjoyed jumping off a step and "getting air" and Mark's face after a particularly high jump was an equal mix of enjoyment and terror! No crashes though and plenty of good discussions and questions and despite the horrid and slippy conditions a very enjoyable day!

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