Saturday, 13 March 2010

Getting quite busy!

Today was the fourth day in a week I was doing a skills day! Despite not covering miles and miles during the courses I can actually feel my fitness improve!

Earlier this week I had the oldest participant so far who was 72 years young! A rugged and experienced mountaineer, he was adding off-road riding to the numerous adventure activities he has experience of and very well he did too. Despite having to use one of my bikes as it turned out his had two broken spokes he did both steps and drops and some climbs in between! And didn't fall off once!

Today I had the pleasure of having Martin on the course (pictured) who is later doing the mountain bike leader training at Mountain Bike Instruction. His aim was to make sure there were no gaps in his skills knowledge before doing the leadership course and I'm glad to say he did very well through out the whole day and hopefully will have good use out of his newly aquired skill of lifting his front wheel over the most evil looking obstacles on the climbs!

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