Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Beginners course that turned into intermediate course!

James had booked in for the beginners course but with a lot of experience of mountain biking already, I suggested we would do the intermediate course but with extra emphasis on core skills. The luxury of being the only person booked on the course is of course that it can be tailor made to suit the individual! He happily agreed. Once we got up on the hill he quickly got the hang of difficult descending, timing drop-offs and smooth speed control, which was good since the weather yet again was against us. Today it was even snowing! After lunch James cleared the boardwalk of doom, thanks to his nice drag braking technique and good balance! Not surprisingly he had a BMX background which really showed in the bunny hopping and jumping and his overall very good perception of what he was doing on the bike and what slight changes might be needed to achieve perfection!

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