Monday, 8 March 2010

Dry trails!

A week without rain and plenty of sunshine made for a glorious day with in some places even dusty trails! Dave came to brush up on skills lost during a long time of not mountain biking while Dean & Greg came up from the south to learn to ride some more technical terrain having started to ride off-road six months ago.
Greg showed that with the right technique you can use a rigid bike (no suspension) for even the most challenging obstacles! To sample the regions rocks we went up and then down one of the characteristic slabby hill climbs of the Peak District and I got the distinct feeling it was more popular going down it rather than up it! Dean and Greg stayed for an extra day to take in more of the regions mountain biking and practise their newly acquired skills and I'm sure they'll miss the rocks when they return home!

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Plodder73 said...

Thanks Emmy, that was quick with the pics ;). Thanks for a great course and stay in your B & B, the whole weekend was fantastic.