Thursday, 15 July 2010

Intermediate course 150710

Steve arrived on his bike since lives only 3 minutes away from the start of the course and knows the area really well. He was already a very accomplished rider but wanted to increase his confidence on very steep descents and drop offs. He did very well on both and quickly was able to move onto increasingly harder slopes. All it took were some minor adjustments to body position and where he was looking! Progress was also made on bunny hops, trackstands and wheelies. I was pleased to be able to show him some hidden little paths that he'll now will be able to include in his normal weekly route.

"A great day on the bike. It turned out to be one on one tuition so got to practice loads with lots of very helpful comments and instructions from Emmy. With only slight alterations to my riding style Emmy managed to improve both my climbing and descending greatly. Also learnt some new bike control skills which I now need to practise. Emmy lets you control the day doing as little or as much as you want. I would recommend doing a day course to gain confidence, skills and make those little changes to riding posture that seem to make all the difference"
Thanks again,
Steve Brocklehurst

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