Saturday, 24 July 2010

Beginner course 240710

Lovely dry trails and wonderful participants, what more can you ask for! Garry had ridden for a while but felt he needed to add some skills to be more confident with technical terrain and Nicola was more or less a complete beginner having only got her own bike very recently. Both of them did really well and were able to progress quickly to harder and harder terrain. I was tempting fate though by saying to Nicola when hearing that she had never ever had a crash that maybe now would be a good time to crash! And she promptly did! And nice big crash as well! She picked herself up and really showed her potential as a mountain biker by immediately getting back on the bike and if anything riding even better than she did before the crash.

I cannot thankyou enough for the tuition on saturday, I feel so much more confident riding now and just need to stay of the brakes a bit more and go a bit quicker. After nailing that technical rocky section near your property my confidence grew and felt happy tackling that rooty steep drop off before heading back to the car park. I would never have attempted that before saturdays course. I even enjoyed the climbs !
I will definately visit the peaks again and will no doubt visit Roman Lakes again to clear that rocky climb ,without touching down, and then practise that technical section again. Don't be surprised if you see someone slightly familiar dashing up that path next to your property ( if thats OK of course).

I shall work on my fitness and will no doubt book again for the intermediate course.

Thanks again,


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