Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Beginners course 03/07/10

Having done a lot of 1 to 1 sessions it was nice to again have a group for the day. Mandy, Jim, Alison, Jason and Rob came to build on their skills to be more comfortable riding on technically challenging terrain. Some having visited trail centres had found some stuff quite intimidating and ended up walking a lot of it.

They were all very quick learners and we quickly progressed everyone's riding while having a great laugh about Jason getting to grips with his brand new SPD pedals. Thankfully he bounced well and by the end of the day had only a minor scratch despite numerous comedy crashes! At the end of the day the entire group managed to ride the big drop safely and found themselves instead of dreading technical obstacles quite enjoying them, because now they knew the techniques to ride them. I know this bunch of people won't have to do much walking anymore!

Hi Emmy,

Just a quick note to say thank you once again for a great day last Saturday, both Mandy and I really enjoyed it. We both learnt lots of new skills and the confidence you have instilled already has made a world of difference. We can’t wait to get back out and ride now, tow paths I feel will be a thing of the past…
Your friendly, professional and patient approach helped the day to be interesting, challenging and most of all fun…
We look forward to seeing you again when we come back for the intermediate course in the near future.


Jim & Mandy

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rob said...


Really enjoyable day, didn't think I would be going down that last drop at the start of the day. Lovely group of people and you were a really patient trainer. Plus a great day with lovely countryside. Highly recommended.