Friday, 25 June 2010

Intermediate course 250610

The warm and dry weather continues and it was baking hot today as I had Stephen come from the incredibly flat Lincolnshire for an intermediate course. Despite the lack of rocks and steep hills in Lincolnshire Stephen took great pleasure in tackling typical Peak District terrain and did very well too! He was like a sponge for knowledge and soaked up the theory behind each technique and was soon enough diagnosing his own performance and working on every little detail to perfect his riding. Very pleasant day indeed.

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sbb said...

It was indeed a very warm and pleasant day. Surprised to find I was the only one attending, but more than happy to benefit from 1 to 1 instruction, discussion and advice throughout the course.
The demonstration, analysis and practice of a good variety of skill techniques were exactly what I was looking for to enable me to get more out of my mountain biking.
Emmy's attention to detail and customer care is excellent, and I would certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to increase their confidence and step up a level.