Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Intermediate course 140610

Gavin came to do the course to get an insight in how to teach mountain bike skills to the kids at his school where he works as well as for personal improvement. After some superb climbing (didn't need any tuition on that front!) it was time for descending. After getting the positioning right on the bike as well as where to look etc, Kevin practised on a few different descents all with varying features and I'm safe to say he hated them all! (Great news, as I then know what we are going to spend a lot of time practising!) I repeatedly made him go down the same slope again and again, just to try and take the fear away as technically he was doing everything right, he just needed to try and relax and not tense up. Only right at the end of the morning did he slowly start enjoying things and didn't need too much persuasion to go down the biggest drop-off three times. The rest of the day went really well and by the end he got some serious speed on the downhills!

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