Saturday, 12 June 2010

Intermediate course 120610

Ah, lovely weather again....just the kind I like! That and the easy to teach Delwyn made the one-to-one training day a wonderful day indeed! Delwyn has the unfortunate pleasure of regularly going out riding with a very skilled, completely fearless and highly experienced group of mountain bikers. Thanks to lots of training he has found it easy to keep up with them going uphills (since he has cleared Jacobs Ladder going up it I'm not surprised!!) But he found that he couldn't keep up with them as well on the downhills. We identified a couple of issues during the day and spent quite a while perfecting especially the corning technique to be able increase the speed. I was most impressed though with the beautiful rear wheel lifts on the bunny hopping section! Not bad for someone who claims never to have been able to lift his rear wheel!

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