Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Intermediate course 15/07/2012

I can immediate tell when I meet a fellow mountain bike addict and as soon as I met Sally I knew she was also one! She was on a works trip from Australia traveling all over the globe but couldn't cope with not doing any biking while being away, so booked a course! We were lucky to have nice weather (poor weather Australian standards but hey what can you expect with the worst British summer in history!) and the trails were slowly drying out from the recent floods.

Sally was at a stage where she was ready to move up a level even though she hadn't been mountain biking for much more than a year and the intermediate course was perfect for this. Being unafraid of speed and rocks, it was trying out some of the more narrow tracks that she hadn't encountered so much back home, that pushed her limits. These were soon done and dusted with as she wasn't one for giving up!

Track standing, wheelies and bunny hopping were all techniques where progress was made and she already wished she wouldn't have to wait until getting home to try them out more and practice; and I can just see her jumping off every little step, rock and ledge with a big smile on her face once she gets back home!

Fantastically pleasant and fun day, nicely finished off with some refreshments in the pub waiting for the train!

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