Saturday, 12 March 2011

Intermediate course 120311

Milly and Jo came on the intermediate course having had quite a lot of experience of riding trail centers including black trails. Their skill level was pretty good but they had certain things they struggled with such as lifting the front wheel over obstacles while climbing, bunny hopping and just in need of a little confidence boost to be able to tackle even harder obstacles.

We set off with a big technical climb which gave us immediate opportunity to practise the front wheel lifts over some rock steps as well as some wheelies and trackstanding practise on the road leading us to the little disused quarry for various different types of descents. Quickly and efficiently they absorbed all the instructions and quickly mastered the available challenges. After lunch we started on bunny hopping practise which was put into good use on some smaller jumps and well as jumping over a drop. Both girls really enjoyed being in the air and while Jo's ability to "pump" her bike really paid off for the bunny hopping, Milly managed some very high and long jumps off the drop. To finish the day off they rode some scary looking big drops and slopes to finish tired but boosted in the confidence department and ready to move on in their riding!

Hi Emmy

Thanks very much for putting the pictures up, and so quickly!
We both really enjoyed the day, and we definitely felt some immediate improvements the next day when we went to Lee Quarry. Stuff like the bunny hops we'll obviously need to practice to get right, but we both felt that the course gave us an immediate confidence boost - for me I felt a lot happier doing steep downhills, I was more aware of my positioning and felt a lot more in control.
You're a really good teacher, patient and supportive and it's great to be taught by someone who knows what they're doing and can also explain it well too!
Thanks again,

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