Thursday, 10 March 2011

Beginners course 090311

Despite a number of punctures and an initial hale storm the day turned out very well, helped by the delightful and positive people on the course, as well as Annie's toffee eclairs!

Graham and Peter both had done quite a lot of mountain biking in the past and quickly absorbed new tips and skills, finding especially useful to look further ahead and moving their weights more on the bikes. Discovering that to lift the front wheels you use your legs rather than your arms was also a new thing to them but was quickly mastered and especially Peter did a very good job of riding a very rocky and technical climb normally reserved for the intermediate course. Annie had less experience but quickly got to grips with steep climbs and smaller drops and steps, while tight turns proved to be a nemesis which she continued practising on during the day. A wonderful group to work with and best of luck to Annie for her up and coming mountain biking adventure doing  140  miles of the Pennine Bridleway, which she is now very well prepared for!
Dear Emmy
many thanks for yesterday what a great day it was and what a great teacher you are. I will definitely be back for more coaching as you developed my riding skills and confidence more in one day than I have acheived in the last few years of tootling around on my bike and so a massive thank you from me. I will definitely be practicing all of the things that we did and will be in touch soon.

Once again many thanks and look forward to seeing you soon,

Best wishes

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Annie said...

I had a brilliant day with you all, and have learnt loads. I am still practising those tight corners! I did a 33 mile ride on Saturday (with bags on frot and back) and managed to get up some steep hills that other very experienced riders didn't - those bent arms really work. I'm intent on getting the manual wheel lift to get over the horse planks - so I don't have to carry the bike. Thanks again Annie x