Thursday, 10 February 2011

Intermediate course 090211

It was lovely to see Emma again as she returned for more skills training after having completed the beginner's course in September and I have to say I was amazed at how confident and technically proficient she had become in just over 5 months! She had also invested in a quality full-suspension bike, another sign that she was properly hooked on mountain biking (always nice to see a fellow addict!) She had been very cautious on the beginners course as she only had started to ride a bike shortly before, but it really looked like she had been doing it for years looking at her on the intermediate course. She was definately ready to add some more skills to make riding even more fun! Technical climbing was quickly mastered as well as power assisted front wheel lifts. Her slow speed balance was identified as being one of the things she needed to work more on. By practising trackstanding for a few minutes she managed to improve her balance just enough to tackle some of the really slow and technical descents that were available later in the day.

Part of the afternoon was spent practising front and back wheel lifts to beginning to move your body about on the bike, something which will be a useful skill for jumping. Emma managed both lifts over the obstacles showing that she was able to pump the bike as well as move her weight at the right times. Some practise will be needed to fully master the bunny hops and I'm certain she will get there. The progress was sufficient to start jumping off smaller drops and there was not hesitation or fear of being in the air as we worked on the priciples of jumping. Thoroughly enjoyable day!

Hi Emmy,

I had a fantastic day topped off by some unexpectedly lovely weather as well. The beginners course gave me the initial skills and confidence to get out onto the hills and tackle some decent routes. Having now done the intermediate course I really feel that I've learnt some valuable, more advanced skills which I'm sure will not just help with technical rides but also really add to the enjoyment - I'm looking forward to getting into a few jumps.
I can't thank you enough for giving me chance to experience some real mountain biking because if I hadn't come on the first course then I doubt I would have got out too much at all. I always recommend you if I get the chance and I've just given the website details to a colleague at work.
The shoelaces, by the way, were
Maybe we'll meet on the trails one day!
Take care

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