Sunday, 20 February 2011

Beginners course 190211

Woke up to sleety showers and a forecast of huge amounts of rain and to say I was looking forward to spending the day outside would have been hugely exaggerated. I couldn't have been more wrong as not only did the weather improve but also the participants on the course, Paul and Martin, made the day very enjoyable. You could tell they got great satisfaction when they started to ride harder and harder terrain and discovering how easy it was using the right technique. "I would never have ridden that before today" or " I can't believe how easy that was" were commonly heard phrases. Even the two very big drops towards the end were ridden very confidently.

Nature had decided to provide a few new obstacle for this course, such as very sticky, thick and uneven mud, plenty of new rocks on the eroded climbs and descents as well as eroding the top layer on the new steps that the council had recently put in. However that didn't seem to bother Martin and Paul who seemed to relish in new challenges and seemed to learn everything more or less straight away.


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