Thursday, 6 January 2011

Beginners course 060111

After a cold and snowy Christmas and New Year the ice had just left the trails in time for the first beginners course of the year. Gary had owned a really nice bike for the best part of two years but never got around to using it until now. And use it he did!  We started gently with the basics and Gary's old skills were resurrected and new ones quickly aquired. As usual the downhill bits were more appealing than the climbs and Gary certainly did the most of the descending and seemed to fly down most of the hills, rocky or not! The bike got a bit of a hammering losing both lights and mudguard but thankfully Gary himself made it through ok and can already call himself a proper mountain biker, mud and all!

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Gary Knight said...

What a fantastic day. Thoroughly enjoyed the ups and downs!! The instruction was great, inspiring. I never knew my bike could do most of those things. The course is well worth the money. Its a must for everyone who enjoys mountain biking. A brilliant day from start to finish. I will be on the intermediate course next. Thank you again Emmy, a lovely lady.