Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Beginners course 141210

Some people might have thought that taking up mountain biking at nearly 67 years of age wouldn't be possible but today Jim certainly proved them wrong! With 50 years of motorbiking experience and some road cycling experience Jim had the benefit of being comfortable on two wheels. That said, he was more or less a complete beginner when it came to riding off road. We began by first establishing the basics, such as standing on the pedals, level cranks etc and very quickly Jim began to feel more comfortable descending. We spent quite a long time moving around on the bike to loosen up Jim's riding position to make it possible for him to relax on the bike and ride both steps, drops and rocky and loose descents. He did exceptionally well and "bombed" down one of the last rocky descents at great speed! As fate would have it there was one last surprise at the end (surprised both me and him equally!) when he did a head first over the handlebars on the last descent. Thankfully he bounced very well and was able to figure out what had caused the crash which makes me certain he will have a great time on his bike for many years to come!

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Jim said...

Many thanks for a super day Emmy. You worked hard on my 'areas for improvement.' That rocky descent was great fun and something I wouldn't have dreamt of attempting 24 hours earlier. I think the 'red mist' came down on the last flight of steps and I got carried away. Once again many thanks and I hope to see you again next year for the Intermediate course. Super B & B too.