Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Intermediate course 11/09/2012

Everyday is always different and today was special due to the extremes of every kind. Weather wise it was either pouring with rain or glorious sunshine, nothing in between. Same with Melissa, she was had either fallen off or she was riding world class style! (But to be fair it was mostly the latter!) I was surprised initially that a lot of techniques where completely new to her but her ability to learn quickly was amazing. Once she started moving her weight back for drops there was no stopping her and she went from a cautious rider that kept falling off to a confident descender in no time. Bunny hops for example was mastered in less than 10 minutes and as for jumping off drops I'll let the photo speak for itself! I have never seen anyone get as much air on that drop as she did and it was only the third jump she has ever done!

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Mel said...

It was a great pleasure for me to spend the day with Emmy learning some new skills on my moutain bike. Before the course I thought if I just learn one new thing that will be great. I can't believe how much I did learn. Emmy is a great instructor and she has given me the confidence to enjoy my mountain bike more and spend more time on the bike rather than taking it for a walk on the tricky sections.