Saturday, 5 May 2012

Beginners course 040512

Another quite nice day where we pretty much managed to escape the rain! Mark had booked on the course after seeing  a feature article about it in a magazine and thought it ticked all the boxes. He basically wished to make sure that he knew the techniques for riding technical terrain instead of just guessing especially since it was a few years since he regularly rode trails off road.

As usual we made sure every core skill was in place and Mark was very quick to pick up the little tweaks that were required to make sure he stayed balanced and was looking far enough ahead. We quickly progressed on to harder terrain and also since it was only him on the course managed to put in place a few extra things as a base for the techniques that are covered on the intermediate course. It was great to see him pick up some speed and confidently riding some of the tricky sections at the end and also riding the big rooty drop!


Mark Gorman said...

thanks for a great day Emmy. I think you need to name some of the 'challenges' ... "the Steppes of Doom","the Devils drop"... you get the picture

Emmy said...

Hehe...yes you are right! "The Rooty drop" doesn't quite make it justice so "Devils Drop" it is then. Glad you enjoyed it!