Saturday, 21 April 2012

Intermediate course 210412

It was great to be back out on my bike and do another course after almost a month of no mountain biking. I was unfortunate to have a spontaneous collapsed lung before Easter (just from sleeping believe it or not, absolutely no mountain biking involved!) and had to have a few weeks recuperation which coincided with the Easter break. Healed up nicely now but I can still use it as an excuse to not race up the climbs! And today the excuse was needed as both Chris and Brian who came to the course were incredibly fit!

The day was remarkably non-eventful (which is always good!) but nevertheless full of fun! Techniques and fears were conquered as we progressed up the hill to the tiny quarry behind Mellor cross. It is a great area as it has examples of pretty much everything you can  think of. Drops, narrow steep singletrack, tight turns and tricky ascents were some of the things we explored. Brian, who had ridden in the area before, rode loads of things he previously had only walked and Chris rode like a professional all day having very quickly got to grips with proper bunny hops. The most surreal moment was when a fellow mountain biker came down the hill with a Tesco bag over his helmet (presumably to keep the rain off) followed 30 seconds later by another bloke also wearing a bag! Must be the latest craze! Great day even though we got covered in plenty of mud because of the soggy trails, but then who has ever come back from a good ride completely spotless?!

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Penny said...

Hi Emmy.

Firstly a big thanks for yesterdays course and secondly ( A PROFESSIONAL INDEED LOL.

As with most things there always area's you know you can improve on, the course yesterday has given me a lot more confidence in the way I will approach or even attack more scary stuff in the future.

It's also given me a much better understanding, not only of the skills I thought I already had down but also how the bike work's in relation to were you put your self on it!
Really useful course , great setting and great instructor.

Though I will be back to beat that rock. . .I will get up it. . I will;)

Many thanks