Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beginners course 260212

Great day today with two quite inexperienced riders, Matt and Mark, that just kept going from strength to strength. Especially muddy conditions made some of the early descents particularly interesting but very useful for tuition purposes. I spend a lot of time emphasizing the importance of staying relaxed and even more so today as the slippy conditions justified it. It worked though as both Matt and Mark very quickly managed to see how much easier it was to ride technical terrain once your body was able to move with the bike rather than fighting with it.

As usual I encouraged them to look further ahead and for particularly Matt this worked with immediate effect as he suddenly found that he could go a lot faster and wasn't squeezing hard on the brakes all the time.

No obstacle proved too difficult and both of them completed the last rooty drop, including the different line variations, without even batting an eyelid! It was a true pleasure seeing how relaxed and confident they both looked at the end of the day!

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