Thursday, 8 September 2011

Beginners course 070911

It was definitely an autumnal feel to the day when Chris came to the beginners course. He was a keen road cyclist but felt mountain biking could be a better option for the winter time. It was immediately obvious that he had done a lot of cycling previously. Despite not having been off-road much he looked very comfortable on his mountain bike that he got only 6 weeks earlier.
Every instruction was put in place immediately and once we went past the stage where before the course he would have got off and walked rather than cycled, such as steep steps, it was a delight to see the smile on his face after finding out that it was relatively easy to ride. As he was the only one on the course and he was making such great progress we also did a few intermediate skills such as track standing and jumping off drops and even with these additions we finished well ahead of schedule.

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Chris Barber said...

I was surprised by what you can learn / achieve in a day with a little expert coaching.   I finished the day doing many things I wouldn't have even considered attempting at the start of the day and have many little tips to work on in future rides. 

Definitely one of the best cycling investments I've made (far better than any tuition book and/or DVD or bling bike upgrade)