Saturday, 30 October 2010

Private session 291010

Tony and Kathy had started mountain biking this spring to have a sport to do outside of skiing season. Living in Sheffield they had already encountered rocky terrain while riding in the Peak District and also had experience of trail centers. We started the day putting all the basics in place and both of them found it a bit of a revelation just how much of a difference adjusting your weight on the bike can make. We also went through braking technique, tight turns and other core skills before moving on to some of the very challenging terrain available to practise on around here. They both managed to ride the rocky drops very well and were set for a faultless score card when poor Tony encountered deep wet mud as his front wheel dug in and threw him right over the bars! Apart from being covered in mud (with at least a kilo of it stuck to his helmet!) we finished the course with the last descent and returned to the car park mostly in one piece!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Emmy,
Thanks for a fantastic course yesterday. Kathy and me had great fun and we have both gained lots of experience. You've improved our skill levels so much in just one day... it was worth every penny and much, much more!
I can't believe how scary that rocky descent looked at first, but we both managed it multiple times!
Now, we look forward to practising on the peak district trails again.
Best regards,
Tony & Kathy