Sunday, 23 May 2010

Beginners course 210510

Ah, summer is here! In scorching temperature Christine, Paul and Heinrich attended the beginners course. The day went really well and by the end everyone was able to tackle scary drop-offs and steep descents which made for an enjoyable day. Although I'll strongly recommend not to exclaim "we have never had any punctures" before the course as poor Christine got two! And discovered she didn't even need the tyre levers to fix it!

Really enjoyed the day and thought your instruction gave me both the skills and confidence to try some of the challenges - especially the rocky bit above your house and the drop-off by the roots at the end I would never in a million years have attempted before Friday. I went out in Macc Forest for a few hours yesterday morning to put my new found skills and confidence into practice and for the first time ever managed to ride all the way down Charity Lane which was fantastic - and now seems not too bad at all...!
Would recommend the course to anybody.

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